Hey Horse Show Moms + Dads, Want to Create the Ultimate Show Tote Bag?

Hey Horse Show Moms + Dads, Want to Create the Ultimate Show Tote Bag?

by Jordan Manfredi

By Shannon Fox

Every young horseback rider needs their horse show mom or dad on hand to help them do their best. A horse show mom or dad is there to help with the horse, support their rider, take lots of pictures, and help make the day a success. Even if you’re not very familiar with horses, your help will still go a long way! Whether you’re taking your child to their first horse show or their hundredth, it’s a good idea to have a show tote at ringside for whatever last minute problems may come up. Missing something from your tote or need to pick up more horse riding equipment? Use promo code “LoveTheRide" to take 15% off your entire order!

The Essentials:

ariat tote bag
Tote Bag: Your tote bag is where all of your horse show items will be stored. The best totes are durable, easy-to-clean, and have lots of pockets for all those little items you might need, like this one from Ariat.

Hoof Pick: A hoof pick is useful for cleaning out rocks and balled up arena dirt before the horse goes into the arena.

Hoof Polish: A last swipe of hoof polish before going in the gate will leave your favorite pair looking perfectly polished.

body brushes

Body Brush: A body brush is used to quickly remove dust and mud from the horse before they enter the show ring. Scoop up this supper affordable one for a polished look in a pinch.

Leather Polish: Leather polish can be used to give the boots and horse tack a last shine and get off any dust, sweat, or mud that might have landed on the leather during the warm-up.

leather new leather cleaner

Tail Brush: A tail brush can help to get out the tangles from the horse or pony’s tail.

Mane Bands: If any of the horse’s braids start falling out in the warm-up, these rubber bands can be used to quickly secure it.

fly sprayFly Spray: Horses and flies go together like peanut butter and jelly…especially during the summer. Give the horse another spritz of fly spray like this water based one from Nature’s Defense before he goes in the show ring.

Posture Prep Cross Fiber Groomer: The Posture Prep groomer can be used both pre and post ride to improve the horse’s circulation, posture, range of motion, and help to groom your horse! This super tool can also be used on humans and can help to remove any last minute knots.

 posture prep

Water Bottles: It’s important to keep your rider and yourself hydrated in the summer heat. These aluminum ones will keep your water cold for hours!

Test Book or Course Map: If your child is competing in a dressage show, make sure to have a copy of their test on hand for last-minute review. Similarly, if your child is jumping a course, make sure to write down the pattern in case they have questions about where they’re going.

Clean Rag or Towel: You can never have too many clean towels at a horse show. Useful for everything from wiping the foam from the horse’s mouth to cleaning boots to wiping off dust and mud. 

horse quencherElectrolyte Beverages for horse AND rider: If your rider is really sweating and working hard, a drink enhanced with electrolytes will be key. Also, if your rider is sweating you can be sure their horse is working extra hard, in order to ensure your horse stays hydrated, healthy and happy, use Horse Quencher in his water.  The single serve bags are beyond convenient for horse show days.

Some other items to include:

Safety Pins: For horse riding clothes emergencies, safety pins can save the day. 

Sunblock: No explanation needed!

Band-Aids: Blisters and scrapes are no fun. Make sure you have a few different sized band-aids on hand. 

Camera: Don’t forget your camera to capture all of those special moments at the horse show! 

Need to stock up? Don’t forget to use the promo code “LoveTheRide" to take 15% off your entire order!  We’d love to hear what show ring essentials belong in your show tote! Leave us a comment below!

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