Tips to Avoid Accidents when Horse Riding

by Jordan Manfredi

Horse Riding

Horse Tack Co offers thousands of products to horse enthusiasts daily. We know the importance of riding safe and keeping you and your horse out of harm’s way. Please check out our tips below and be sure to ride safe!
  • Wear the Proper Gear: We’ve all heard it before and it’s for good reason, you have to wear your helmet and other safety gear. Brain injuries are life changing and not for the better. Safety helmets are 80% effective in preventing injury and death. So gear up!
  • Don’t Rely on Myths: The bulk of equestrian injuries occur in pleasure riding- not in competitive settings, There is no statistical correlation between skill level and injury likelihood, and lastly- Riding is more dangerous than downhill asking and motorcycling. Be sure to do your research and always practice safe riding techniques.
  • Focus: This is extremely obvious, but still needed to be noted. Many riders get comfortable on the horse and think they do not need to focus as hard. In reality, you must always be alert when on the horse. Even a moments’ hesitation, can lead to costly injuries.

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