Tips for Coat Defense for Horses 

by Alexa Gohn

Even if your horse receives the best care, they can still experience coat issues. Uncontrollable risk factors like high humidity levels or sudden changes in temperature can cause their skin to react, leading to conditions ranging from rain rot to dandruff. 

Whether your horse has been battling a chronic skin condition or you've just noticed a new coat issue, Coat Defense can help, ensuring they stay happy and healthy all year long.

What Is Coat Defense?

Coat Defense powder is designed to prevent and treat a wide range of skin and coat conditions. It's made with natural ingredients and is both nontoxic and talc-free, so you can feel good about what you put on your horse.

This easy-to-use, effective powder works by starving any bacteria and fungus, which allows the skin cells to heal and repair themselves. It delivers both antibacterial and antifungal properties without using any harsh chemicals.

Because it has natural ingredients, it's safe and gentle enough to be used daily. You can leave it on knowing that it's treating your horse's skin problem while they are turned out, in the stall or being ridden. Do you compete regularly? Coat defense is also USEF- and FEI-compliant, making it perfect to take along when showing. 

How Can You Care for Your Horse's Coat?

Even though some risk factors, like weather conditions, can be out of your control, there are several ways you can care for your horse's coat and minimize the chances of any skin issues. As much as possible, make sure your horse is in a clean, dry environment. Regular grooming is also key.

If your horse is susceptible to or currently experiencing rain rot, fungus or odor, using Coat Defense powder can help fight the bacteria and fungus. It's also a treatment for sweet itch, allergies and hives, offering an effective solution for seasonal skin issues. 

Browse Coat Defense and Other Equine Care Products at Horse Tack Co

No matter what kind of skin condition your horse is battling, Horse Tack Co can provide helpful products like Coat Defense and a broad selection of other equine care essentials. Our online shop always delivers competitive prices, a fast checkout process and flat-rate shipping on orders over $75. 

Have any questions about how to keep your horse's coat shiny and healthy? Give our team of experts a call at 866-624-8225 or fill out our online contact form and we'll be in touch!

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