These boots are made for walking and USDF Gold Medalist, Lauren Sprieser swears by it!

by Jordan Manfredi
Lauren using her Equomed Lumark tendon compression boot on her FEI horse, Fender Lauren using her Equomed Lumark tendon compression boot on her FEI horse, Fender
Lauren Sprieser, USDF Gold, Silver and Bronze Medalist; NAYRC Gold Medalist; USEF Developing Listed rider; and trainer of top-caliber dressage horses, LOVES her Equomed Lumark Compression boots and here’s why:
“I've had the Lumark boots in my program for a few years now. They wear like iron, and are so much easier than traditional ice - one neat wrap that gets much better access to below the fetlock where so many ligaments and tendons attach. They also offer what other ice boots do not - compression, which is terrific for those horses prone to puffiness when turnout is limited or after a hard ride. These boots have put up with years of daily use, and travel great. The gel freezes faster than other brands of ice boot I've tried, and don't freeze into clumps - the gel stays consistent. The gel packs in other brands of ice boot I've tried also break; these look practically new. And they're idiot-simple to put on. They've become a crucial part of my program, not just for helping treat existing injuries but to help prevent them in my hard-training international dressage horses. They helped my young FEI horse recover from a tendon strain this year, and I even used them on myself to treat some plantar fascia issues I had last year! These are worth every penny, and are head-and-shoulders above other brands of ice boot. “- Lauren Sprieser
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