The Ultimate Breyer Gift Guide for the Holidays

The Ultimate Breyer Gift Guide for the Holidays

by Jordan Manfredi

Since 1950, Breyer has been the unrivaled king of model horses. With over 400 unique models available and equine themed toys, gifts, and collectibles, it is easy to see why. We've rounded up the best Breyer gifts for all your favorite equestrians this holiday season. Horse Tack Co. proudly carries a wide array of Breyer items, use the promo code "LoveTheRide" upon check out to save 15% off your Breyer items and more.  

For the Classic Collector- The 2021 Holiday Horse of the Year


Arctic Grandeur is the 25th edition in the collectible series of Breyer's Holiday Horses. Decked in luxurious holiday finery, he’s accompanied by an arctic fox, which is curled up on a bed of greenery atop his blanket. Arctic Grandeur also features “Happy Holidays 2021” on his belly.

For The Philanthropist- Breyer 2021 Horse of the Year - Hope

With colors as bright as her message, Hope is cantering into her role as the 2021 Freedom Series Horse of the Year. Splashed with shades of purple, turquoise, pink, and yellow, the markings on her coat reveal hidden images and the word “Hope." Breyer has partnered with Covenant House, an organization that is working to spread the vision of Hope throughout our communities. Covenant House provides food, shelter, immediate crisis care, and an array of other in-house programs to support young adults experiencing homelessness and often hopelessness across the US, Canada, and Latin America. A donation of $1.00 from the sale of each Hope model goes to support Covenant House of NJ in their efforts to care for the youth who represent our future and give them hope to keep moving forward.

 For the Patriotic One- Breyer Old Glory Collector Model

Old Glory is a stunning decorator model that pays homage to the American flag. Cast in clearware, Old Glory is bursting with patriotic color. His body is painted with metallic silver stripes and stars that ripple across his elegant body like a flag.
One of the most powerful symbols of the United States, the American flag has had several designs over the nation’s lifetime, but it's distinctive colors and elements have remained the same. The American flag has been known by several nicknames, including Old Glory, Stars and Stripes, and the Star-Spangled Banner. No matter its name, the American flag has withstood the test of time to become the most visible symbol of American freedom.


For The Ornament Collector- Breyer Artic Grandeur - 2021 Stirrup Ornament


The 2021 Holiday Horse Stirrup Ornament features a finely detailed miniature of Arctic Grandeur seated within a shining silver-toned stirrup. This is the 22nd release in this collectible series.


For the 90's Lover- Breyer 90's Throwback


This decorator model is bringing the '90s back! A vibrant mix of '90s themed colors in bright turquoise, purple, and pink that’s sure to make your favorite '90s lover feel, like totally, excited. With pearly white markings and a bold leopard pattern running down his body, '90s Throwback isn’t afraid to stand out from the crowd. 


For Your Favorite Little Unicorn Lover- Breyer Stardust Styling Head


Take hair play to mythical heights with Mane Beauty’s unicorn styling head, Stardust! Stardust’s silky, tangle-free mane makes hair play easy and fun. It comes with oodles of accessories to help braid and decorate her shimmering locks into endless styles.


For Your Favorite Future Equestrian- Aurora Plush Happy with Dreamy Eyes


Happy is created from high quality materials, the hand construction makes for a unique and soft touch. These animals feature beautiful and detailed embroidery and makes the perfect gift for those who love Breyer Horses.


For The One with the Sweet Tooth- Breyer Red Velvet


Red Velvet is a richly hued stallion featuring his namesake’s scarlet-chocolate coloring with a layer of creamy ermine frosting. Red Velvet’s delectable coat is finished with a coating of sprinkles that make his coloring pop. His mane and tail have been dusted with a delicate shimmer.


For The Racing Enthusiast- Justify Ornament


The number thirteen has a reputation for being unlucky, but not if you’re Justify - the 3 year old chestnut thoroughbred stallion who became the 13th Triple Crown champion! 


For the Jumper in Your Life- Voyeur Show Jumper


One of the fastest pairs in the world of show jumping is Kent Farrington and Amalaya Investment’s Voyeur. A 2002 Dutch Warmblood gelding. Horse Tack Co. is excited to offer this beautiful jumping model complete with a display stand.


For the Dressage Lover- Dressage Santa Ornament


Riding a beautiful chestnut Warmblood, Santa is showing off his dressage skills while performing the extended trot.


For the Creative One- Unicorn Family Paint and Play

Unicorns come in many different colors, and this exciting activity set lets you decide what those colors can be. The complete set comes with everything you need to create a beautiful unicorn family and includes 2 unpainted Stablemates unicorns and 1 Stablemates foal, 3 paint pots, and 1 paintbrush. So, grab your paint shirt and your brush and release your inner artist!


From Breyer accessories, to carrying cases and collectables to ornaments, no matter what type of Breyer Collector you have on your shopping list, Horse Tack Co. will have you checking off all your boxes in no time. Don't forget to use the code "LoveTheRide" upon checkout to receive 15% off your Breyer order and much more, all the time and anytime. Happy holidays and happy shopping!

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