The Three Most Expensive Horse Breeds

by Jordan Manfredi


Money Talks

Everyone knows that purchasing and maintaining a good horse can be costly. In fact, there are certain breeds that only the wealthy can easily afford and take care of. Here are three of them.

Arabian Horse

The Arabian horse is the oldest line of horses in the world; in ancient times they were used by merchants and warriors. The high tail carriage and dished face give them a unique look.


This breed tends to be used for horse racing. Thoroughbreds are good runners with very muscular bodies which help their speed and they can run great distances.

Quarter Horse

Unlike the Thoroughbred, Quarter horses are better suited for sprinting short distances. However, they are also versatile, because Quarter horses are also used for fence jumping and barrel racing competitions. Although these breeds may cost a lot they are still worth it for those who like horses. So even if you don’t have one of these breeds visit Horse Tack Co. for all the equipment you need to take care of your horse. >

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