The Road to Rolex by Leah Lang Gluscic

by Jordan Manfredi
As Rolex 2015 quickly approaches, we wanted to give you the inside scoop on how ambassador, Leah Lang-Gluscic is preparing and planning for the biggest event in 3-Day. Her blog will also provide helpful tips regarding what products she just can't live without- we hope you enjoy!
Leah Lang Gluscic and AP Prime Leah Lang Gluscic and AP Prime
Leah Lang-Gluscic: "For those of you who don’t know me, I am a three star eventer targeting my first four star this spring with my horse, AP Prime. I am also an avid user of Horse Quencher, which has been critical to AP’s health throughout his career. I found AP at a small racetrack in Illinois four years ago for $750 on the spot. While he wasn’t a large investment initially, he very quickly showed me that he was going to be special and his management program started to look like that of a million dollar jumper rather than the steal of a find that he was. A huge part of this program has been Horse Quencher. Now I have several horses that will drink whenever you put a bucket of water in front of them. To be clear, AP is not one of them. He won’t even look at water on the horse trailer, sometimes takes hours to drink again after cross country or gallops, and is often suspicious of “new” water away at horse shows. Each of these things individually is cause for concern but not the end of the world. Together they combine for a very dehydrated horse that is not prepared to do his job and is at risk of an onslaught of health issues. And then I found Horse Quencher! The first time I used it, I was heading to Florida, a two day trip, and I was incredibly skeptical. We made our first stop and I went back to the trailer with my Horse Quencher bucket in hand, and I nearly had to fight off AP and the other horses on the trip! That summer, AP had already decided that hydrating after cross country was not something of interest, much to my dismay! At Richland, I had the idea to give him Horse Quencher on the off chance he would start drinking and not have to get IV fluids. I gave him a full bucket with Horse Quencher and a full bucket of plain water. Within 90 minutes, he had half a bucket left! To overcome risk of dehydration with AP, Horse Quencher is now a mainstay in my toolbox for getting AP geared up for Kentucky. It’s a huge stress relief to know that on the trailer, after his gallops, at competitions, I can absolutely without a doubt keep him hydrated and in top form. Right now, with his first gallop and jump school completed last week, I have so much on my plate, it’s wonderful to have one less thing to worry about and I’m beyond thankful for the day I found this invaluable product!"
Leah  and AP Prime LOVE their Horse Quencher Leah and AP Prime LOVE their Horse Quencher

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