The One Product You Need to Save Your Horse From Spooky Sounds

The One Product You Need to Save Your Horse From Spooky Sounds

by Jordan Manfredi

They are huge, majestic beasts, a thousand pounds of muscle and flaring nostrils, but if they hear a slight wrinkle of a plastic bag, they become scared, little babies. Horses tend to overreact at the slightest sound because although they have excellent hearing, their ears are very sensitive and not accurate in localizing sound. Horse Tack Co. has the answer to help protect them, the wonder product for their sensitive ears, Pomms Premium Ear Plugs. Once you realize how extraordinary this product is and are ready to get them, use the code "LoveTheRide" to save 15% off your order all the time, anytime.

Pomms Premium Ear Plugs

First, to better understand why your horse is so sensitive to the most minute sounds and "spooks", you have to go back to ancient times. Before horses were domesticated, a number of predators stalked and hunted horses regularly. The effect being that their sensitive ears could pick up microscopic sounds that resulted in immediate flight for their survival. This innate sense has diminished in time, but remains to some degree, nonetheless. 

Equine ear protection is not just important for your horse, but it is important for your safety as well. Since horses have an ability to hear high frequencies that are inaudible to the human ear, your horse may react to a sound, and you will have no warning and may be hurt from your horse being spooked. Holidays that tend to be especially noisy, like Halloween, New Year's Eve and 4th of July celebrations are especially audibly sensitive times for horses when ear protection should be a constant for their well-being. 

Pomms Premium Ear Plugs are specially designed by Equine Healthcare International, which is made up of a team of riders, trainers and veterinarians. They are known for collaborating to create ingenious products to meet the needs of horses and their riders worldwide. Their offices are located within a working sports medicine veterinary clinic/conditioning center, giving them direct access to horses and their support staff. The constant contact with horses inspires new product ideas and offers a convenient forum for testing and developing the products. Each and every product has been tested for at least one year by a panel of riders from World Champion QH alumnae to Olympic medalists. Products are scrutinized, tested, modified and tested again, until both the staff and the horses tell us that it's ready for the market.
The EHI team created Pomms Premium Ear Plugs to improve focus and encourage relaxation in horses. Pomms work by stimulating five acupressure points in the inner ear canal, allowing your horse to hear normal tones, while reducing distracting or loud noises. They are made of soft material that contracts to your horse's ear size, so they won't fall out. Pomms unique design protects the ear from debris, wind & rain. They come with a handy tube for storage, so they stay clean and won't be easily lost in your tack trunk, but if they do get dirty, don't worry, they are washable and re-usable as well. The video below explains and displays the ease of Pomms ear placement and removal, they are designed so that they are light enough, your horse won't even realize they are in their ears. 
Ear protection is helpful in many more ways than just protection from being spooked by unexpected noises. It can aid in training, allowing the horse to concentrate on the trainer and not be easily distracted. Some disciplines, like hunters are even able to use ear protection when showing, enhancing the horse's concentration in the ring. Placing Pomms Premium Ear Plugs in your horses' ears before clipping the ear area will keep small hairs from getting in the ear canal, possibly irritating your horse, and maybe even leading to an ear infection. Other times when Pomms are also useful are when transporting your horse, adjustment to a new, busy barn or participation in a parade or populated event.
Actual Pomms user reviews.
"These have really, really saved me. The echo in the indoor has had me dealing with a spooky, unfocused gelding all throughout the winter months which left me fearful of even passing poles and standards, let along actually going OVER them. I finally buckled down and bought the plugs without high expectations. I got my horse back! No spooking, even when I get my foot caught in the gate and spray deep footing. Nothing. He is focused, relaxed, and SOOOO ready to jump those scary blue poles! I can safely ride my horse again without random spooking and fighting to get his attention."
"My horse was a lot less phased by fireworks and he didn’t mind these in his ears at all. They STAYED in, too." 
"Love these! Use them for my horse that gets very nervous when she hears something she can’t see! She even walks slower and more care free when she has them in."
Loud noises can cause your horse to hurt you and himself as well as get unnecessarily stressed out. Pomms Premium Ear Plugs are easy and safe to use. Horse Tack Co. is proud to carry Pomms Premium Ear Plugs, use the code "LoveTheRide" to save 15% off your order, anytime and all the time. 

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