The Importance of Wearing Riding Helmets

by Alexa Gohn

Riding helmets are often a hotly debated topic in the equestrian world. There are some equestrians who believe their level of riding experience offers enough protection while others hold that helmets are essential any time you ride a horse. 

In reality, accidents can happen even if you've been riding all your life or you trust your horse wholeheartedly, so a riding helmet is essential for any equestrian activity. 

Why Should You Wear a Helmet While Riding a Horse?

While exhilarating, horseback riding can be a dangerous sport. Even if you are on a horse that's calm and well-trained, the combination of moving several feet off the ground and at high speeds puts riders in a vulnerable position.

At any moment during your ride, your horse could trip or spook. Behavioral or fear reactions such as bucking, rearing and bolting are other dangerous possibilities that can happen whether you are out on a trail or riding in the arena. 

Wearing a properly fitting horseback riding helmet can reduce the risk for serious head injuries should any of these things occur. If you fall and hit the ground, you'll have a protective barrier that will help minimize the impact and protect your skull and brain from serious damage. 

Helmets also add a barrier against sharp objects and obstacles such as branches, ensuring that something can't contact your head and cause an injury.

How to Choose the Best Helmet for You

While it's important to wear a helmet when riding a horse, it's just is essential to ensure it's properly fitted and secured. To find the right size, place a measuring tape over the widest part of your head, which should be about an inch above your eyebrows. Once you have that measurement, compare it to the manufacturer's sizing chart. 

Then, try it on and make sure it fits snugly. The brim should be about two fingers above your eyebrows, and there should be no visible gaps around the edges. You should feel even pressure and be able to move and shake your head without the helmet shifting. 

Browse Our Collection of Horse Riding Helmets

Whether you are looking for a schooling helmet for everyday use or a show helmet to compete in style, you'll find exactly what you need to love the ride at Horse Tack Co. Browse our collection of English and Western riding helmets and be sure to let our team of experts know if you have any questions about finding the right fit. 

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