The Importance of Properly Fitting a Horse with a Saddle

by Jordan Manfredi

Saddles are Safe..

One of the most important equestrian equipment is the saddle. Before going on a horse ride, strap on a saddle for the safety for the horse, and you, the rider.

For the Horse

Horses are living beings, not machines or anything inanimate. They need to feel comfortable during the ride and a saddle helps with this. Saddles help prevent discomfort during the ride, reduce sore back and other injuries, and keep the horse in a good mood.

For the Rider

The rider can also benefit from the saddle. It helps prevent aches and pains in the lower portion of the body. Furthermore, a horse that’s in a good mood will less likely fall in pain or take awkward steps; this helps in preventing the rider from falling off the hose and seriously injuring themselves.

You can purchase a saddle pad, among other horse riding equipment, from Horse Tack Company. Be safe for your next ride.

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