Spring 2021 Equestrian Fashion Favorites

Spring 2021 Equestrian Fashion Favorites

by Alexa Gohn

By Lindsey Walczak

“Mud, but make it fashion” has become my life motto lately when it comes to choosing my riding outfits. I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely looking forward to warmer temperatures and dry days when I can once again wear something other than muck boots, tones that best hide the dirt stains, and bust out the accessories that have been hiding in my closet since the fall. That being said, I can’t wait to share some of my new favorites and styling ideas to keep your #rootd on point.

Black is still my go to color for all seasons. It goes with everything from neutrals, metallics, and even the bright colors we see much more of in the warmer months. I found a few great new versatile pieces (in my favorite shade, of course) from 2KGrey that have been absolutely perfect for our winter to spring weather transition here in North Carolina and sleek enough to easily go from stable to street.

The 2KGrey Daily Breech has become a staple in my wardrobe; I’m actually considering getting a second pair so I have a schooling pair and a “good” pair. Sure, I may have other black breeches but these are the perfect combination of all my favorite things finally found in one pair of riding pants. They’re definitely breeches, but they’re made of this super smooth, stretchy, flattering fabric that has the comfort of riding tights. They have just the right amount of bling, higher waisted, belt loops, and a nice grippy seat. 

How to style: I like to pair these with a blingy belt, classic tall black boot, and a slightly oversized knit sweater

Another fast favorite of mine is the 2KGrey Quilted Daily Vest (also in black). We all know those spring mornings that start out freezing cold but warm up nicely by the afternoon. Layers are the key to comfort on those days, and this vest is perfect for that. The gusseted sides let you comfortably wear as many layers as you choose. 

How to style: Play around with some colors or patterns by pairing it with a camo print or bright colored breech 

Some of my favorite sun shirts for this spring are the Ariat sunstoppers. They come in a range of colors and designs, but the Piaffe has some especially eye catching details. These are such a great investment to any equestrian wardrobe because of their versatility; they’re great for every season. If you prefer short sleeves and a bit of color, check out the Ariat Cap Sleeve Baselayer.

How to style: If you have somewhere to be after riding, no need to change your entire outfit, just put on a scarf and a light jacket 

Riding tights have gained a lot of popularity over the past few years for their comfort, and for me they were the only things that fit when I was pregnant and shortly after having my daughter. When every second counts as a new mom, I also love that I can work out in them and ride immediately after. If you own 100 pairs or are new to riding tights, the Kerrits Flow Rise Performance Tight would be great to try or add to your growing collection. There are so many amazing spring colors to choose from too, like Rosewood and Harbor.

How to style: tank or crop top with boot socks that really express your personality and your favorite paddock boot 

Don’t forget the accessories! A good belt, scarf, hat, gloves, and even mask - they’re what can really make your #rootd stand out from the rest. If you lean toward neutrals, accessories are where you can take a risk with colors and prints without it being too over the top. Or, tone down your already bright wardrobe with some classic shades.

Some of my favorites

The Ariat Snaffle Belt (get the brown to match your brown tall boots!)

The Ariat Infinity Bit Scarf in blue saga navy (the perfect pop of color and super lightweight)

Horseware Ireland Baseball Cap with LED light (Built in lights to help you see on those early mornings at the barn while still looking stylish)

SSG All Weather Gloves (pink leopard, zebra, neon green? I’ll take all 3, please)

Dreamers and Schemers Face Masks (so many fun horse prints to choose from!)

If you have plans to compete and you’re anything like me, you keep an entirely separate wardrobe just for showing because you know all too well how difficult it is to keep anything clean when handling horses. It’s like they know when we’re wearing something that we’re trying desperately to keep clean and they try even harder to wipe their nose on us. Whether you’re looking for a fresh new show outfit because you’ve changed sizes (like, had a baby), your horse stained your show shirt past the point of being saved, or you just want to update your ensemble because it just feels so good putting on anything brand new- I’ve got a few suggestions. 

2KGrey Show Coat (Black)

I love a black coat because you can take it so many places! Maybe you’re still figuring out your discipline or you and your horse love to do them all: you can wear it into the dressage ring, Hunter/jumper rings, and the Hunt Field. The technical fabric is light and stretchy and there’s a zipper under the buttons.

2KGrey Lace Show Shirt with cami (White)

This shirt is different than any show shirt I’ve ever had. The lace not only looks beautiful but also is functional because it makes it so breathable. Win win.

It doesn’t matter if you ride for pleasure or you’re a seasoned pro, prefer all the colors and patterns or gravitate toward the neutral shades- Whatever your fashion sense and taste may be, have fun with it and make it your own! Plus don’t forget to use the promo code “LovetheRide” to save 15% off your next order with Horse Tack Co.


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