Must-Have Gifts for New Horse Owners

Must-Have Gifts for New Horse Owners

by Ariana

By: Ariane Schirmer Buying a horse is an experience that fluctuates between excitement and nerve-wracking stress. Even with the guidance of experienced horse buying tips, the process is a time consuming and emotional adventure. But when the right horse finally comes along, the hard earned happy tears will be worthwhile. Celebrate this major milestone by giving gifts from Horse Tack Co that will impress equestrian friends with barn practicality and stylish details. Check out our list of gift ideas featuring must-have products with options for every budget, making it easy to find the perfect gift for the new horse owner in your life. Plus, use the promo code "LoveTheRide" upon checkout to receive 15% off your order, all-the-time and anytime!

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The Perfect Hoof Pick – Practical and handy, the Thrush Eliminator Hoof Pick works to get in all of the hard to reach spots. Healthy hooves are crucial for all horses, from retirees to Grand Prix jumpers, and this hoof care tool is designed to clean all areas of the hoof, even in horses that sport shoes. Give the gift of healthy hoof care with this farrier-crafted hoof pick. Price- $8.99 Snacks to Share – Welcoming a new horse owner with a bag of treats is like bringing a batch of cookies to a new neighbor. It’s a kind gesture that I fondly remember a friend doing when I bought my own mare last year. The Giddyap Girls Premium Horse Treats feature natural ingredients like apples, raisins, carrots, and beet pulp – as a bonus the treats contain no added sugar or wheat. These snacks are also shaped like 3 leaf clovers, making them easier to break apart and share bite-sized pieces with ponies and horses. If you’re feeling extra generous, you can splurge for the 20 lb case. Price - $23.79 Horse Grooming Carry-All – Large horse grooming totes like the Weatherbeeta Super Deluxe Tote, can hold everyday essentials, and then some. This bag’s style is a personal favorite – the compartments are deep but not so much so that small items and brushes will disappear, plus there’s a pocket for everything. The shoulder strap and handles make for easy carrying and storage not possible with other brush totes. Horse Tack Co also offers a similar large grooming tote with a full zipper closure option at just over $30. Price - $22.45 Personalized Pony Wardrobe – Saddle pad hoarding is a very real thing in the equestrian world, it goes along with the compulsion to color coordinate everything. And a nice saddle pad with custom embroidery would be the ultimate addition to a new horse owner’s collection. PRI’s Quilted All Purpose Saddle Pads are high quality with contoured withers for a better fit, and available is a huge array of vibrant color combinations. Design the perfect personalized gift by coordinating the saddle pad colors to the embroidery stitching featuring the rider’s monogrammed initials or horse’s name. Price-$34.95 / Embroidery Price- $5.00+ Stylish Tack Storage – Help new horse owners protect the tack they’ve invested in with a Deluxe Bridle Bag by Exselle. Horse tack and riding equipment is a costly expense that needs to be properly cleaned and stored in order to last. This bridle bag from Exselle features 3 loops to hang bridles or halters, a satin lining to prevent damage to leather, and is available in simple black or a classic plaid. Price- $42.99 Equine Stress Ball – Moving to a new home can be a stressful experience for horses. Products like the Likit Boredum Buster allow horses to play and manipulate the toy, helping to release nervous energy or distract from anxious behaviors. The toy offers hours of mental stimulation while also providing a nutritious snack packed with vitamins C and E. Available in a variety of sweet and savory flavors from Apple to Garlic, even horses with the pickiest of palettes will find a flavor they love. Likit Boredum Buster Price- $38.99 / Little Likit Refill Price - $4.90 First Class Travel Gear – It’s likely that your friend’s new equine partner will need to travel some distance by trailer to get to their new home. Keeping the safety of their precious cargo in mind, outfit their new horse with a set of Exselle Shipping Boots. These boots will help protect the horse’s legs with notable details like their smooth satin lining and durable heel kick plates. An especially practical gift for riders that travel often for horse shows or trail rides, these shipping boots are available in black/silver or hunter green/tan and are designed to last for years to come. Price - $79.99 Cordless Clippers with High Marks – Quality clippers make for top-notch grooming but also come in handy for equine first aid. The cordless feature and comprehensive kit included with the Acro SE Cordless Clippers from Wahl garner high marks in reviews. These clippers are an excellent starter set and offer versatility with 5 built-in length adjustments, plus the 4 comb attachments and 2 rechargeable battery packs included in the kit. The gift of a well-groomed horse is something all equestrians will appreciate. Price - $124.99 Luxurious Leather, Customized Keepsake – A beautiful halter is a gift any equestrian would love to crown their horse with. Fitted with a custom engraved nameplate, leather halters are often a cherished keepsake for horse owners. The ThinLine Padded Leather Halter comes in dark brown or black and offers features to ensure maximum comfort and optimum fit, such as adjustable straps and the superior ThinLine padding covering sensitive spots. Add a personal touch to this thoughtful gift, with a custom brass name plate, only $4 with the purchase of a leather halter from Horse Tack Co. Price- $142.99 / Custom Brass Halter Name Plate Price - $4 Congratulate your friend on the purchase of their new equine partner or welcome a new horse to the barn with these must-have equestrian gifts from Horse Tack Co. You’ll be gifting them quality items that they’ll love and appreciate as they train and pamper their new horse. Use promo code “LoveTheRide” to save 15% off your HTC order, plus get $4.95 flat rate shipping on all orders over $75. Still struggling to find the perfect gift for your equestrian friend? An endless supply of double-ended snaps and vet wrap will always be a safe bet.

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