Looking for a horse boarding stable?

by Jordan Manfredi
Here are some things you need to think about when selecting a boarding stable. Boarding stable are a business. Some are better than others. It is your responsibility to thoroughly investigate a farm where you are wishing to board your horse. The well being of your horse will depend on it, not to mention your peace of mind. You need the stable to be safe and comfortable for horses. The staff needs to be knowledgeable in the needs of your horse. Check out a number of facilities before making a final choice. Visit the farm several times at different times of the day to see what activities happen and at what times. Feed schedules are important so ask when, horses are fed and watered. visit during feeding time to see how it is managed. How are the horses bedded and with what. Are the stalls free of objects that could injure your horse? Is the stall well ventilated. What are the conditions of the paddock areas? Are the fences safe (absolutely no barb wire) Are gate latches horse proof? Is the overall condition of the property clean and well maintained? Are there piles of manure that draws flies? Is there shelter in the paddock or pasture area for protection from heavy wind, rain and snow? Is there security 24 hours a day. Horses and tack do get stolen. Ask about the feed to ascertain what quality and type of rations your horse will be provided. How is it stored. can a horse get into the feed bins. All of the above questions are legitimate questions and no stable owner should balk at answering any of them. So do your investigation before choosing the new home for your horse. You also need to know your responsibility as a horse border. As a new border, be polite and considerate of other horse owners. Follow the rules of the stable as well as safe practices around all horses. Do not jeopardize the safety of other horses or boarders. Do not leave stall doors open or tack boxes sitting in the barn aisle ways. keep wash racks picked up . It is all common sense if you just take the time to think about it. Make sure you know where you can turn your horse out if there are turnout pastures. Some horses to not play nicely together! If you ride on nearby trails be considerate of other peoples property. It is getting harder to find farmers that will allow you to ride on their farm because others have not been responsible for their actions by cutting fences and not repairing them or riding through newly planted fields and leaving trash behind. Last, remember is to pay your bill on time. Boarding farms are a business like any other. They have to purchase feed and bedding plus supply water and electric plus provide labor and materials to maintain the property. Having run a boarding stable I can say there is not a lot of money to be made in this business. Boarders who pay late become unwelcome quite quickly.

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