Keeping Your Body Protected While Horse Riding

by Jordan Manfredi

Prepare for Your Horse Ride

Horseback riding is a very enjoyable experience, but before you mount a horse, it’s recommended to acquire the proper attire for an enjoyable and safe ride.

Riding Helmet

A riding helmet is arguable the most important equipment needed. This helps prevent serious head injuries in the event of fall.


Gloves should always be worn, regardless of weather. They provide warmth, good gripping on reins and rope, and protect hands if an unexpected fall occurs.


Breeches are specifically designed to allow for free movement while riding and prevents chafing that can be caused by constant rubbing against the saddle.


Riding boots should have heels that are an inch high to help prevent slipping through the stirrup. They should also be sturdy enough to take a knock or hit. If you are looking for quality horse riding clothes and equipment, visit Horse Tack Co. and find the necessary equipment for your next horse ride.

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