Ice Horse Boot with 9 Stretch Pockets

by Jordan Manfredi

Ice boots Aid in the Reduction of Inflammation.

Cold treatment is a natural non-invasive drug free treatment. Tests have proven that just a thirty minute treatment is all that is required.

Nine Pocket Ice Boot, reduces swelling on horses legs.To be used as a prophylactic measure after strenuous exercise or competition to prevent heat or swelling. Also can be used therapeutically after an injury to help to bring down swelling. May be used on either a front or a hind leg. The exterior is of a soft loop material over Neoprene. The boot is held in place by 6, 7 inch touch tape tabs. The interior is made entirely of very durable, soft elastic which make up the 9 pockets. Boot is 22 inches Tall 15 inches wide when open Each pocket measures 4 1/4 x 7 1/2. Comes in Navy Only

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