How to Look Your Best for Wellington this Season

How to Look Your Best for Wellington this Season

by Ariana
By Jaclyn Amaru Winter show season is in full force; especially in Wellington, Florida, home to the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center where the Winter Equestrian Festival (aka WEF) kicked off in early January and runs through the beginning of April. From Olympic Grand Prix riders to amateur owners, the show offers something for everyone. For equestrian competitors and spectators, it is the place to be and be seen. In a sport where your show outfit matters just as much as what you’re wearing to the charity event later that night, you can't afford to wing it. That is why we at Horse Tack Co. have put together some amazing go-to looks to ensure you look your best in Wellington this season.

The Must-Have’s

However you spend your day, whether it's going from shopping the vendors to barn chores, to lunch and learns or ride and learns; these are your critical necessities. These 2KGrey Camo Riding Breeches are an absolute must have, they not only perform well in the saddle, but also really go well with everything in your closet without screaming "I Ride Horses." A good carry-all like this Kerrits backpack and hat are two great staples when spending hours outside and walking around. And do not forget, even though it is Florida- it is still winter, so be prepared for possible chilly, cold and rainy days, especially if you are with your "other" best friend with this posh dog blanket. Check out the rest of the look for more of our favs.

The Tailored Jumper

To some in the equestrian world, money is no object and people can easily spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on horses, attire and class fees. Others may budget a little more wisely and splurge only on what is absolutely necessary. No matter what your spending scheme is, this double look has you covered. From daytime jumper classics to Saturday Night Light classes, the looks you will get from either style will be jaw dropping. On one end of the spectrum you could splurge for the Italian leather bespoke Parlanti boots with 2KGrey’s Avatar Riding Breech, made complete with the Swarovski crystal lined KASK helmet and 2KGrey’s Frances Show Jacket. Or, one could get nearly the same look with 2KGrey’s Pas Op Riding Breech, Ladies Devon Show Jacket and International Riding Helmet, whose low-profile design and venting making it ideal for the Florida heat. Either look will have you ready to step foot into the show ring with confidence.

A Night on the Town

Riding all day and no time to change for the night time festivities? No problem- the versatility of 2KGrey can literally transition you from stable to street in minutes with little-to-no effort. You simply pair the Kiya Tomlin for 2KGrey Black Riding Jean with the 2KGrey Black Harley Show Jacket and accessorize. Voila, you are ready to hit the ground running and it’s our dirty secret that you’re still in riding attire #yourwelcome.


Whether your spectating in the grand stands or training in the gym on your days off, HorseTackCo. has you covered with the essentials for staying stylish even out of the ring. Get yourself a statement t-shirt from 2KGrey and a pair of simple black leggings. Use your Kerrits backpack to store gym essentials, cover up that gym hair with your Kerrits conductor hat and you are chic and comfortable. Remember, when you look good, you feel good and that affects your performance. Let us worry about clothes so you can keep your eye on the ribbons, good luck! And remember, use the promo code "LoveTheRide" upon checkout to receive 15% off your order, all the time, anytime

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