Horseback Riding for Beginners

by Jordan Manfredi
horse riding

Tips you should keep in Mind

Horseback riding is an extremely enjoyable activity, but it can also be dangerous. As a beginner, here are some tips to help you stay safe.

Get off if Necessary

Often times when accidents happen and you are about to get thrown off a horse, you get a gut feeling beforehand. Don’t be afraid to get off the horse if you suddenly feel uncomfortable riding it.

Take your Time Getting Back on

If you’ve fallen off the horse, don’t feel like you need to rush back on to, as some people would say, show the horse that he hasn’t won. If you are scared, the horse will be too, so don’t get back on until you feel fine and the horse is also in good condition.

Think about the Horse

Horses get tired too, so when you riding them for hours in the sun, think about how they feel. You should lead your horse but not dictate it. Hopefully, these tips will help you get on your way to becoming a great horseback rider. When you’re ready, Horse Tack Co has all the equipment you need.

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