Horse Tack Co welcomes their latest ambassador, champion combined driver Suzy Stafford

by Jordan Manfredi
Suzy Stafford, champion combined driver, Horse Tack Co, Horse Quencher
Horse Tack Co and Horse Quencher are absolutely thrilled to welcome Suzy Stafford to their family of brand ambassadors.
Suzy Stafford's interest in horses began at a young age. She rose through the ranks of United States Pony Club in the her early years, where she excelled in combined training. In 1998, she completed American Riding Instructors Program certification in dressage and combined training. After a leg injury ended her riding career, she channeled her competitive drive towards a new equine sport: carriage driving.
In 2001, Suzy began working with seven-time United States National Pair Combined Driving Champion Lisa Singer and took every opportunity to work with many different breeds in both pleasure showing and combined driving. Stafford soon became Singer’s assistant trainer and honed her skills to become a noted trainer, instructor, and clinician.
Suzy now competes on the national and international stage in the breed show ring as well as open riding and driving venues across the country. Year after year Suzy continues to add many championship performances and medal finishes.
Suzy Stafford, champion combined driver, Horse Tack Co, Horse Quencher
Staying at the top of one's game means working with the best, and Stafford has trained with many world champion drivers. Setting a solid foundation of basic skills for students is a priority for Stafford, who helps them gain confidence and proficiency. Teaching at her two training locations, Ocala, Fla., and Coatesville, Pa., as well as traveling to clinics and giving seminars, enables her to share her knowledge with other driving enthusiasts and competitive drivers
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