Horse Tack Co. Breyer Noche Buena #700112

by Jordan Manfredi

Breyer Holiday Horse

Noche Buena is decorated with red poinsettias and glittering gems, Noche Buena wears a jeweled saddle resting on a poinsettia pad and gold halter with jewel details. Poinsettias are traditionally associated with the holidays, and are also called "Flowers of the Holy Night" because of a Mexican legend where a child's Christmas offering of weeds on a church altar blossomed into poinsettias! This hand-decorated holiday horse has "Season's Greetings" printed in gold lettering on his belly. # 700112 Features Breyer horses both new and retired. Find one of the largest selections of Breyer horses, barns and Breyer tack available anywhere. Always with everyday low pricing. Place your order now so you have it for Christmas.

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