Horse Quencher and Horse Tack Co. are thrilled to have Advanced 3-Day Eventer Leah-Lang Gluscic as an ambassador rider!

by Jordan Manfredi
Leah and her superstar ride, a Thoroughbred named AP Prime LOVE their Horse Quencher and we absolutely love having them as part of the Horse Quencher/Horse Tack Co. family! Leah is an advanced level 3-day eventer and trainer based in Ocala, FL and Freeport, IL. A one-time investment banker turned professional rider, Leah knows how to spot a good deal. Her incredible horse, AP Prime was purchased off-the-track for $750 cash and they are now on the road to the 2015 Rolex 3-Day Event! We are so excited to help her along her journey and to ensure AP Prime stays healthy, hydrated and happy! Stay tuned, as we continue to share all of Leah's future successes.
Leah and AP Prime- Horse Quencher Ambassadors Leah and AP Prime. Photo by David Mullinix Photography.

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