Horse Quencher

by Jordan Manfredi
Here is why Happy, Healthy, Hydrated Horses use Horse Quencher 1. Water is the one thing your horse cannot live without, and it is the first thing they give up when they need it the most. 2. When trailering and acclimating to new environment, horses often reduce or stop drinking, inviting impaction colic. 3. Sick horses don't feel like drinking, but staying fully hydrated is the best start to recovery. 4. When they exercise, horses lose salt and water evenly, so their thirst reflex is not triggered. 5. In a world where competitive winners and losers are decided by fractions, being fully hydrated for maximum athleticism is a winning investment. 6. Winter is the season of impaction colic. Horse Quencher gets horses to drink even on very clod days.

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