Horse Love: DeMello & Megan

by Jordan Manfredi
Name: DeMello Breed: Oldenburg / Quarter Horse cross Age: 11 Discipline: Three Day Eventing Owner: Megan Lepper 262852_667847676073_1752720_nI found DeMello through one of my best friends. I was visiting him at the farm he was working at when I saw baby DeMello standing out in a field as a two year old for the first time. It was love at first sight, but I couldn't afford him and he was so young. Fast forward a few months and it was my birthday. At the end of the night, my mom brought a present to my room for me to unwrap. In it was a new leather halter with a name plate on it that read "DeMello". It took a second for it to sink in - but I owned DeMello!!!! The rest is history. I started him under saddle and we began our big debut into the eventing world in 2008. There were a lot of ups and downs through the years but we made it to the Advanced level in 2014. Two of my biggest dreams growing up were to start a horse under saddle and bring it to the upper levels and to ride at the advanced level - both of which DeMello made come true. He's a total gentleman and a favorite at our barn. I can let anyone ride him. He's even taken kids to do their pony club ratings. He's the best partner anyone could ever ask for and I'm so lucky to call him mine. 10653541_10100278976600783_248993810208822479_n HTC Product #1 is hands down my WOW Soft Shell Show Coat. It is form fitting and looks so elegant on me. It's lightweight and PERFECT for our hot Southern California weather. It's also very stretchy and not restricting, allowing me lots of freedom unlike traditional coats. It definitely had athletes in mind when it was designed. It has the gorgeous traditional look but more comfortable and athlete friendly - a win win in my book! HTC Product #2 is my Coronet Waterford Loose Ring Snaffle. It gives me great control without backing him off too much. In other bits, my breaks were too strong. Now, with my Coronet Waterford, he goes forward into the contact but comes right back when needed, without leaning on me, yet I don't have "too much". 10395197_10100316169451013_5506781582128656137_n

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