Horse Love: Sidney & Amanda

by Jordan Manfredi
Name: Sidney Breed: Percheron, Mare Owner: Amanda Kiralfy amanda sydney 3I met Sidney when I was visiting a friend’s farm. My friend had her in hopes of breeding her to one of her warm-bloods, but it just never happened and she needed to sell her. She let me ride Sidney, and after I got off, she told me that was probably only the 2nd or 3rd time she’s ever been ridden. With how calm and well-behaved she was (not to mention, beautiful!), I decided that we would be perfect together. I owned Sidney for 5 years. In that time, we went on many trail rides (in groups or alone, she didn’t care), changed barns a few times, and learned many lessons together. I rode her under English tack or with just a bareback pad and she learned to be a great ride. We learned a little bit of dressage and jumping, but mainly enjoyed trail riding. amanda sydney 1 To me, Sidney was more than just a horse. Her personality showed every day. Of course, the barn owners did not like it when she moved the entire round pen or when she would break the top rail on a fence to get to the good grass, but I couldn’t help to laugh a little. Our favorite thing besides riding bareback through the fields was probably currying. She loves a good curry and would make the funniest face when you hit the right spot! Living on my own and planning for a wedding, I found that I was not able to support Sidney the way she should be cared for and made the tough decision to sell her. Thankfully, I found the perfect person for Sidney who loves and spoils her every day. I get to see pictures of her on Facebook, loving her new mom, and that makes it much easier for me knowing that she has a great life. amanda sydney 2Favorite Horse Tack Co. product: Best Friend Western Bareback Pad. I used this bareback pad on Sidney before I found a saddle that fit her correctly. Being 16.3h with a large heart-girth, this bareback pad still fit Sidney without the girth extenders. I used it for 5+ years and it’s still going strong. It offers the perfect amount of padding, while still allowing to feel every muscle move on the horses back, and is just so grippy; enough that it helps to keep you in place. I love the nylon handle on the front for those “oh-crap” moments and the pockets are nice to have if you want to take something small along on your ride. Another favorite HTC product: Ribbed Bell Boots with Double Velcro. While riding, Sidney would hit her left-hind hoof on her right-hind coronary band and, most times, would cut it pretty bad. I had to keep bell boots on her back feet for every ride, and the X-Large in these fit her perfectly. Because of the double-velcro, even if she managed to tear apart the top layer of velcro, they would stay on because of the second layer so that’s really handy.

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