Horse Love: Obie & Tim

by Jordan Manfredi
Horse’s Name: Luckaun Quality “Obie” Age: 10 Breed: Irish Sport Horse Owner’s Name: Tim Bourke Favorite Horse Tack Co Product: Horse Quencher How They Met: I first saw “Obie” while I was working for Jonathan Reape in Ireland. At the time Obie was referred to as the “big horse” and I actually broke him as a 3-year old. I knew there was something special about him from the start, and although I returned to the USA that year, I couldn’t get the horse out of my mind. Luckily, I was able to bring him to the US in the winter of 2009. Obie took to Eventing immediately and is absolute machine on cross-country! He has a huge personality and a very accurate internal clock- he will be sure to let you know if you are late feeding him and he will eat anything, although PB&J sandwiches are his favorite. Tim Bourke-photo credit Lauren Sumnerphoto credit to Gina Pearson

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