Horse Grooming

by Jordan Manfredi
horse brush

Some Tips for a Healthy Horse

Like any other pet, horses need to be groomed and kept clean. If you want your horse to stay beautiful and also healthy, you should be well informed about how to groom them. Here are some tips to get you started.


Investing in quality brushes can go a long way, especially if you keep them clean because dirty or dusty brushes won’t be able to do a thorough job. When brushing the mane and tail, starts at the ends and work your way up.


Hooves should be picked out every day, not just when you are getting ready to ride. They should also be conditioned at least once a week.


You should curry your horse every day because the more you do the more you bring oils in the skin to the surface. You should also choose curries according to seasons since they do different things for your horse. These are only a few things you should do, there are plenty more things to do when fully grooming a horse. For more horse supplies, visit Horse Tack Co.

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