Grazing Muzzles, Cushings Disease, Horse Founder

by Jordan Manfredi
Here at Horse Tack Company we have found that the Best Friend Grazing Muzzle is the best on the market. This was backed up when the Horse Journal did independent tests on all muzzles. They chose the Best Friend Muzzle as the top rated grazing muzzles due to the design and durability. Others have tried to copy the muzzle, but have been unable to duplicate the good fit and quality. However there are a lot of questions that we receive every year. I will try to address these questions. 1. Can horse breath in the muzzle. A horses nostrils are approximately 8 square inches. The muzzle has more than 28 square inches of openings for air to enter the muzzle from the sides. Of course moisture will collect on the inside of the muzzle because when a horse breaths out the air has moisture in it. However this causes no problem. 2. Are Muzzles too hot to wear in the summer? Temperatures vary so much when you consider the climate throughout the entire USA. Certainly 2012 has been very hot in most parts. Although we have not seen any real problems regarding the temperature we suggest that during extremely hot weather horses are turned out in the early morning and late afternoon. Some area's only turn out at night when these conditions exist. 3. Durability and features of the Grazing Muzzle. The best Friend Muzzle offer the widest range of sizes on the market. From class A miniature horse to draft horse and more recently they patented the Have A Heart muzzle that has an expandable basket to better fit horses with angular faces. It is our belief that little more can be done to better fit all breeds of horses. However we have noted that a number of customers do not take the time to properly adjust the muzzle. This is a vary important aspect to the proper working of the muzzle. Be sure to adjust the cheeks, the crown and the chin so that the muzzle is adjusted to a 90 degree angle to the horses face. The most critical adjustment is the part that encircles the neck. It must be tight enough that you cannot reach between the ears and pull the crown over the head. If you can do this the cheeks and chin are not adjusted long enough to allow the muzzle to be properly adjusted. We would also like to point out the plastic buckle. This is a safety feature. The muzzle, if caught on something, needs to break away. The Best Friend Muzzle comes with an extra buckle to be used as a replacement when and if the buckle breaks. 4. Muzzle wears out in one season and they are expensive. We would like to invite you to look at the amount of labor that goes into the muzzle. Compare that to others. Compare how it hold up to the knock off muzzles and the cost will seem more reasonable. Also what other muzzle comes with any sort of a guarantee? Last if your horse has cushings disease or has foundered or is obese and likely to founder. Compare the cost of the muzzle to just one visit from you vet or the possibility that your companion could die or be unridable. You will see that the cost is insignificant. 5. The hole in the bottom gets larger with use. Consider how many times a horse bits per day. The bottom of the muzzle is much like the tires on your car and ware much in the same manner. The age of your horse also comes into play. Horses teeth tend to protrude as they age causing more abrasion. The type of ground also plays a part in the ware. Sandy soil or clay soil makes a difference and even the type of pasture grass. The goal here is to get one season out of a muzzle but with aggressive muzzle this may not always be the case. Some of our customers save a warn muzzle for the next season and use it when grass begins to get a bit more sparse. thus getting one and a half season out of each muzzle. If you questions that we have not answered or would like to comment please email your comments and we will respond.

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