Founder or Laminitis in Horses

by Jordan Manfredi
This is a serious ailment of the fleshy laminae. Founder may be caused by the following. (1) overeating grain or lush legume or grass, known as grass founder (2) Overworking your horse (3) Giving too much cold water when the horse is hot. (4). Inflammation of the uterus following foaling All of the horses feet may be affected, but the front feet are more prone. Prompt treatment by a competent veterinarian will usually prevent permanent damage. Until the veterinarian arrives, your horse may be given great relief by applying cold applications to the feet. This may be accomplished by wrapping the feet with standing knit bandages or polo wraps soaked in cold water or having them stand in a cold foot bath. If the condition is neglected, chronic laminitis will develop and will cause the sole of the hoof to drop and the toe to turn up. Many people have found that the use of the Best Friend Muzzle helps prevent over grazing during the early spring when grass is lush and high in water content but has little real food value.

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