Fly Protection for Your Horse

Fly Protection for Your Horse

by Alexa Gohn

While summer is one of the most popular times to ride, train and show, it's also the time of the year where flies are at their worst. While having to ride with flies swarming around you is a nuisance for both you and your horse, attacks by flying, biting insects can also put your horse's health and safety at risk. 

Mosquitos can transfer the harmful West Nile virus, while botfly eggs can hatch and lead to an internal parasitic infestation. Because of these risks, taking the necessary steps and precautions to protect your horse from flies is key to keeping them happy and healthy this summer. 

Types of Fly Protection 

While there are several things you can do around the barn to keep the fly population down — like keeping the feed room clean and mucking stalls regularly to remove waste — your horse sometimes needs a little extra protection. 

Depending on your horse's needs, there are several different types of fly protection that you can try: 

Fly Sprays

Fly spray, which comes in both synthetic and natural formulas, helps keep flies, mosquitos and gnats away. Ingredients ranging from citronella to permethrin will repel these insects and keep them from landing on and biting your horse.

For extra protection, some fly sprays are even made using a sweat-resistant formula to keep your horse safe when they are working hard. 

Fly Masks

Fly masks can help keep the flies out of your horse's eyes when they are turned out. These breathable mesh masks offer a protective barrier while still allowing your horses to see. Some also include ear or nose pieces to deliver extra protection. 

With various styles, patterns and colors to choose from, a fly mask will provide your horse with safety and style.

Fly Boots

Whether you are getting ready to turn your horse out or hit the trails, fly boots will keep bugs from biting at your horse's legs. Just like a fly mask, these boots offer lightweight, breathable protection. Along with keeping biting insects off your horse, fly boots offer added protection from botfly eggs.

Fly Sheets

If your horse needs 24/7 fly protection, fly sheets will keep biting insects away. Some fly sheets even come coated in a fly repellent to help repel insects from your horse's body. 

Fly Whisks

A fly whisk is usually made out of real horsehair. These tools are designed to function similarly to a horse's tail so you can flick away flies while riding. 

Ear Bonnets 

Ear bonnets, which come in an array of styles and colors, are designed to be worn when riding. These crocheted bonnets will keep the flies away from your horse's ears, keeping them more comfortable and preventing head tossing.

We Have the Fly Protection You Need at Horse Tack Co

Whether you're looking for a natural fly spray or a fly sheet, Horse Tack Co carries all the fly control products you need. If you have any questions about our products, our team of experts is ready to help. Just give us a call at 866-624-8225 or fill out our online contact form to get in touch with a friendly representative. 

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