Fall Horse Care Focus: Did You Know? As Temperatures Fall, Your Horse’s Water Needs To Rise

Fall Horse Care Focus: Did You Know? As Temperatures Fall, Your Horse’s Water Needs To Rise

by Ross Stockdale

Change in season is upon us and that means some horses may need extra encouragement to get their fluids. Water consumption can be easy to overlook but as the temperature drops, the chance of impaction colic rises. Adding an all-natural water additive like Horse Quencher can ensure proper hydration. With flavors like peppermint, apple, root beer, and butterscotch, they’ll be sure to drink up.

Chances of colic are higher in the colder months because when water is very cold some horses will reduce the amount they drink.  Also, during the warmer seasons, horses typically have access to pastures with forage that contain 60 percent to 80 percent moisture, which goes toward their daily water requirements.

horse quencher

Each horse is different but in general, mature horses at maintenance should consume between 10 to 15 gallons a day in winter. An easy way to ensure proper hydration (and peace of mind) is with Horse Quencher, an all-natural water additive originally created for a pregnant mare that wouldn’t drink enough water during the colder months. Horse Quencher’s unique magic is in the mixture, as the all-natural ingredients flavor the water with a sweet and salty taste, while the heavier grains sink to the bottom of the bucket to encourage the horse to finish the water

Have you ever heard the expression, "You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make them drink"? Now with Horse Quencher it is not only possible to make them drink they will relish it. Want to give Horse Quencher a try? For a limited time, every Horse Tack Co. order over $75 will receive 4 FREE single-serve packets of Horse Quencher ($15 Value) plus shipping is only $4.95.

...Here's to hydrated, healthy and happy horses all year round!

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