Essential Horse Grooming Supplies You Should Have Handy

by Jordan Manfredi

A Groomed Horse

Horses are used for transportation, entertainment and even as pets. It’s important to remember these are living creatures that require grooming every now and again.

Curry Comb

The first item you will likely use in grooming is the curry comb. This is used to loosen and remove dirt, hair and other debris from the coat.


Brushes are very important in grooming. You’ll need at least two brushes: a stiff one to remove dirt and a softer one to dust and shine.

Hoof Pick

The horse’s hoof also needs attention. A hoof pick will useful in the cleaning of the hoof to prevent complications in the future.


You will also want to have some clippers handy to clip or trim the hair around the ears, along the legs and on the face.

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