Equipment that You Should Have Handy in the Barn

by Jordan Manfredi

Equipping Your Barn

The barn is the place where your horse or horses will reside. Of course, there is some equipment you should have handy in the barn and the stable.

Hay Rack

Your horse will be eating plenty of hay. Rather than having them have to stretch their necks downwards to eat, a hay rack is useful for placing hay when it’s feeding time.

Shaving Fork

Having a few shaving forks handy is ideal. They are perfect for shaving beds or woodchip beds, and for mucking out stables.


Hooks are another useful piece of equipment to possess. There are different types of hooks, such as cleaning hooks for hanging bridles and harnesses, and hay hooks for suspending hay.

You can purchase barn and stable supplies from Horse Tack Company. Ensure that your barn and stables are properly equipped.

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