Could ulcers be the problem?

Could ulcers be the problem?

by Jordan Manfredi

Gastromax3 has been formulated for one of the most prevalent problems in the equine industry. For those who don't know, the prevalence of gastric ulceration in Thoroughbreds and Standardbreds in racing varies from 70 to 94 percent. Most sport/show horses are similarly affected.

Many equines with ulceration don’t show any symptoms. In symptomatic equines, signs include diarrhea, poor growth, abdominal pain, salivation, bruxism, poor quality hair coat, poor performance and decreased consumption of concentrates.

As a result of this prevalent problem, Horse Gold was determined to formulate a new unique product that can prevent gastric ulcers in the equine. This new exciting product has finally arrived-Gastromax3. What sets this product apart? Gastromax3 is a special combination of three ingredients that work together and can give your equine the prevention it needs against gastric ulcers.

Whatever their cause, ulcers are painful and disrupt an equine’s performance and daily life. Gastromax3's scientifically dosed proprietary formula was created in order to prevent that from happening.

Not convinced? Check out this helpful product review:

“I have a cribber who was treated for ulcers in October 2012 and was fine until we changed barns. I noticed her cribbing excessively, kicking when it was feeding time, poor attitude among other things. My insurance will not cover her ulcers anymore so I was trying the most cost effective route possible. I ordered 14 tubes of the GastroMax3 and followed the floowing dosing - one tube once a day for the first 7 days and then half a tube once daily for 14 days. After about day 5 we could see a huge improvement and she has been great for about 2 months now. Great product and it does work!-Dixie704”

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