Choosing the Right Breeches for You

by Alexa Gohn

From hunter jumpers to dressage, English riders of all disciplines rely on breeches when they are horseback riding. Whether you're hacking, training or competing, the right pair of breeches helps you stay comfortable and secure in the saddle. 

Breeches are typically made out of a thin fabric, allowing riders to maintain close contact with the saddle and to deliver clear cues through their leg and seat when riding. But what other qualities should you look for?

Feeling confident and comfortable in your riding attire not only makes it easier to transition from the barn to wherever your day takes you, but it might have more of an effect on your riding than you would think. When you look great and know it you are more confident and will ride better.

Tips for Finding the Right Pair of Breeches 

Breeches come in both women's and men's sizes and styles. Men's breeches are measured by the waist size and inseam length while women's breeches are typically sized by the waist and rise. To find the perfect fit, make sure to measure both your waist, hips and inseam.

When breeches are sized correctly, they should be form-fitting and comfortable. You don't want to be wearing a pair that's either too constricting or too baggy. After you've determined your size, there are a few other things you'll want to consider to find the right pair of breeches.

Style of Breeches

Depending on which English discipline you ride, certain styles of breeches are more commonly worn. For example, hunter and jumper riders typically use knee patch breeches, which feature a grip fabric on the knee area. 

Dressage and event riders, on the other hand, more commonly wear full seat breeches. Unlike knee patch breeches, this style has a grip fabric extending from the inner thigh to the knee area. 


While breeches were traditionally made out of either cotton or a cotton blend, today they can be made with various materials. When trying to decide which material you should select, consider the temperature in your area and your individual preferences. 

While cotton is comfortable, newer microfibers tend to be better at absorbing moisture and keeping riders cool during those hot summer rides. During the cold winter months, you'll appreciate the additional warmth that fleece-lined breeches can provide you with. 


Each English discipline tends to rely on specific colors of breeches. Hunter jumpers typically use beige, khaki or gray breeches. Dressage riders and jumpers both use white breeches. Because there are three phases in eventing, riders can switch out the color of their breeches for each phase if they'd like. 

No matter which discipline you ride, though, you can be as subdued or vibrant with your color choices as you'd like if you're just hacking or schooling your horse.

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