Cheers to another Thirsty Thursday by Dr. Joe Rosenberg

by Jordan Manfredi
Horse Quencher- The Leader in Equine Hydration Horse Quencher- The Leader in Equine Hydration
It’s Thirsty Thursdays with Dr. Joe Rosenberg from Paniolo Equine Veterinary Services-There’s no doubt that equine seniors (those over the age of 18) have a lot to offer, and with a little extra thought and effort, you and your partner can continue to have many successful rides together. Below are some helpful tips to keep you and your more mature partner in tiptop shape this summer: As horses age, their bodies contain less water, making them more susceptible to dehydration and impaction colic. Therefore, it’s important to check your horse’s hydration levels during exercise. The skin pinch test may not be an accurate indication of dehydration for older horses that have less elastic skin. Instead, check the capillary refill time (time it takes for capillaries in the gums to return to pink after being pressed with a finger-this should take approx. two seconds or less) and look at moisture levels in the mouth. Be aware that older horses won’t tolerate high temperatures well: Older horses’ thermoregulation levels are different from that of younger horses. The older horse doesn’t have a large enough plasma volume in his blood to maintain a reserve for sweating efficiently. This means he has less fluid in his bloodstream, so the perspiration won’t cool his body down quickly enough. That being said, you should adjust your exercise routine to accommodate this issue. Taking more walking breaks, doing less speed work and more interval work should do the trick. On hot and/or humid days, the older horse should take a break altogether. Loosen up their joints prior to exercise: Extra warm-up time should be given to the senior to help his joints loosen up so he can move freely without pain during exercise. Water temperature is important-especially for seniors whose teeth are more sensitive to cold water: It is commonly thought that the best water temperature for horses is from 45 to 65 degrees. One way to guarantee water consumption is to mix their favorite Horse Quencher in their bucket pre exercise and post exercise, in addition to once a day in a full 8-gallon bucket.

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