Braiding Horse Manes - Get Wired with Braideez™

by Jordan Manfredi
Classically beautiful mane braiding for all disiplines are easy in,easy-out, and durable overnight. Easier than rubber bands, and just as elegant as traditional yarn braids. Braideez. Braideez are flexible plastic-coated wires that replace yarn in the braiding process. Children, amateurs, and even those battling arthritis all agree, Braideez ia an invention long overdue. Braideez is braided into the mane in a manner similar to the traditional yarn braid, but it requires far less work to maintain tension and control as you braid it down. As anyone who's produced a quality yarn-braid mane knows. The tension that's required is tough on your hands, and any fidgeting on the part of the horse means unwelcome do-overs. Now, even novice braider who are tight on time to make their class will rejoice in the ease of producing professional braids in record time. Create flat hunter braids, dressage buttons, or any other shape. You can even change from a flat to a button braid or vice-versa. Even new trend like the circle braid are easily accomplished with this great product.

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