Best Friend Grazing Muzzles

by Jordan Manfredi
The people at Best Friend designed a series of grazing muzzles made for horses more than ten years ago. It has become the standard by which all muzzles are made today as evidenced by all the knock off models being made by other companies. Best Friend Muzzles can be recognized by looking at the bottom of the muzzle. You will see the Best Friend Muzzle Logo as well as the muzzle size in bold lettering. However, there are a number of differences that are not as readily noticeable. First the fit, Best Friend Muzzles have more sizes available that will fit miniature to draft horses. The multiple adjustments located on the chin, cheeks and crown will allow for a more comfortable fit. This is critical in keeping the muzzle on the horse while in the pasture. The muzzle is supplied with rugged plastic hardware which is a safety feature. The buckles are made to break without injuring the horse. Note that a replacement buckle is supplied with each new muzzle. The grazing muzzles come in three styles. Yes, this is correct! For years there has been the Deluxe and the standard muzzle. The deluxe muzzle comes with a built in halter. The standard muzzle attaches to your own halter. We suggest using a leather crown or safety style halter with the standard muzzle. Recently, Best Friend introduced a new muzzle called the " Have A Heart " Muzzle. This new addition is like the deluxe muzzle with some additional features. Now the muzzle basket will expand to fit better around the nose. They have added an adjustable V strap from the nose to the cheeks so the muzzle will stay in the propper position, which is at a 90 degree angle to the horses face. This Patent Pending Muzzle also has padding on the top of the nose. All Best Friend Grazing Muzzles are made with a reinforced rubber compound and reinforced with strong webbing that is washable, resists UV light and has abrasion resistance. Many horses wear muzzle 24/7 during months when grass is growing. Most muzzles will last a full season. You should be aware that older horses may ware a muzzle out sooner as their teeth protrude more forward as they age, causing more ware to the inside bottom of the muzzle. Conditions in the pasture and in stalls may also cause premature wear. The Horse Journal has chosen The Best Friend Muzzles their number 1 choice 3 times since 2003. So has John Lyon's Perfect Horse as well as Farriers National Research Center chosen them their best pick. Some people think muzzles are cruel. Nothing can be farther from the truth. Ask people who own horses with Cushings disease or a horses that has suffered from founder. If your horse is obese the risk of founder is greatly increased. Muzzles allow your horse to be turned out and relax with Dr. Green rather than being kept in a box stall or dry corral. Best Friend has now introduced a new product called the Best Friend Muzzle Buffer. In the past some used a sheep skin liner. There were two problems with this. (1.) the sheep wool became dirty quickly and required frequent washing. (2.) once added to a particular size. That size became one size smaller. The new buffer solves these problems. It is made with ThinLine Foam which only adds 3/16" to the inside of the muzzle. The product is infused with an antibacterial agent that will last up to two years. The buffer is easy to clean by be wiping it down with a wet rag or sponge. Best Friend continues to lead the field with innovative quality products.

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