Save Space, Time + Money with These Spring Cleaning Barn Hacks

Save Space, Time + Money with These Spring Cleaning Barn Hacks

by Ariana
By Ariane Schirmer

Has your barn started the spring cleaning process yet? It’s time to trade out the bucket heaters for stall fans, pull down the cobwebs and knock off the loose horse hair with these affordable organization hacks. Use the code “LoveTheRide” at Horse Tack Co. to save 15% on stable equipment and other equestrian purchases to help you with the clean up. 

Tack Room Create a shelving storage solution by hanging milk crates on the walls. The crates are the perfect size to store bathing products, polos and bandages or horse boots. The plastic makes them durable without being too heavy for hanging. They can also be easily spray painted for a custom look. Other hanging storage options like blanket racks help to save valuable floor space and create a space for drying damp saddle pads and blankets.  


Feed Room Recycle your empty plastic coffee containers into horse feed storage. If you’re a coffee drinker, this hack is essentially free. Make mealtime easy by putting each horse's feed and supplements into the repurposed coffee containers. They are portable, easy to clean out, and can be labeled with permanent marker directly on the lid or on duct tape. Soaking hay can also be made easier by placing the hay flakes in a plastic laundry basket. The hay can be soaked by dunking or spraying with the hose and the holes allow the excess water to simply drain off.



Tack Trunk Keep your equine first aid supplies organized and easy to find by buying smaller plastic storage containers for inside of your tack trunk. Put larger items such as bandaging materials, bottles of wound wash, and vet wrap in a medium sized container. Then use a smaller one for all of those little (and easy to lose) things, like wound creams, tweezers, and cotton swabs. These small containers are perfect for storing braiding supplies too. The containers make the supplies easy to grab in a pinch while grooming or packing the trailer, and are available at a variety of retail locations including many dollar discount stores.   


Wash Rack Maximize storage space by moving it off the floor, plus help to keep things dry when working in wash stalls. Space can be tough to come by so consider using tall shelves or storage built into walls or corners. Keep your horse bathing products in plastic containers with holes/vents. In addition to keeping your shampoos and sponges organized, the container’s design will prevent it from holding water that can eventually lead to mold. 


Tack Cleaning Station Encourage yourself and fellow riders to clean their tack more often by setting up a designated tack cleaning station. It’s more likely to get done if everything is easily accessible in a communal area like a lounge or barn office. Folding saddle racks are easily pulled out and ready to use, plus take up minimal room when stored. Try using a shoe organizer for storage that can be hung over a door or directly onto the wall. The pockets are perfect for saddle soap, bottles of conditioner, tack sponges and even household cleaning products. 



Greet the new spring season by getting a fresh start on your barn cleaning projects. With affordable hacks for all areas of your stable, plus discount deals from Horse Tack Co. you will be the Spring cleaning ring leader at your barn. Don't forget to use promo code “LoveTheRide” to save 15% off your order, plus get $4.95 flat rate shipping on all orders over $75. Happy + healthy trails!

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