Activities to Enjoy With Your Horse in Each Season

by Alexa Gohn

Activities to Enjoy With Your Horse in Each Season

Each season provides different opportunities for training, riding and bonding with your horse. It's important to provide your horse new, seasonal activities for several reasons. You'll keep your horse mentally stimulated, which can improve intelligence, cure boredom and reduce anxiety. You'll also strengthen your bond and help your horse keep an open mind during new challenges. Read on to discover the best horse activities in each season. 

Horse-Related Activities in Winter 

When the show season ends and the weather starts to turn, you might need some fun horse-related wintertime activities. The winter months offer the perfect time to mix things up a little. You can take the chance to bond with your horse in new ways or try various activities. Here are some things you can do with your horse when the weather turns cold: 

  • Wash, brush and braid their mane: Grooming your horse's mane has many benefits. This is a great way to solidify your horse's trust and create a sense of peace. Cleaning, brushing and braiding your horse's mane has a calming effect on both you and your horse. You'll also be able to untangle and remove dirt and debris. Not to mention, a styled mane can look beautiful. Make sure the braids are loose enough to be comfortable, and only braid in small sections so your horse can retain a full range of motion. 
  • Extend your grooming time: Spend a little extra time pampering your horse. Find places they like to be scratched — most horses enjoy scratching where they're unable to reach, like their withers. This can calm your horse and improve your bond. 
  • Go for a stroll: It's always a good idea to let your horse walk around and investigate new places. In the wild, horses roam vast areas, so they appreciate exploring. Let your horse sniff around and roam. Always prepare your horse for riding in the snow. They'll need extra time for warming up and cooling down, as well as proper winter gear. 
  • Do some studying: Why not spend the cold months learning? Read new equine books or magazines. Attend a trade show or seminar. You might learn a few new techniques to try out when the ground thaws. 
  • Teach simple tricks: Winter is the perfect time for some mental stimulation. Teach your horse to kiss, bow, fetch or dance with you. Even the simplest trick has many advantages. Tricks keep your horse entertained and open-minded while improving circulation. You'll also have an easier time teaching your horse more complicated tasks later on. 

Horse-Related Activities in Spring

By the time spring rolls around, you and your horse are likely both eager to get some fresh air. The hibernation instincts fade away, replaced by cabin fever. Be gentle and cautious — it's important to ease into exercise after a slow-paced winter. Start out with simple exercises and incorporate plenty of breaks. Here are some fun activities you can do with your horse this spring: 

  • Relax and hang out: Let your horse roam the pasture while you sit and relax. You can bring a book along to entertain yourself. This can strengthen your relationship with your horse, who might wander near you. If you have a socially anxious horse, this can help solidify that you're a non-threatening presence. A little free time in an open pasture will help your horse feel less cooped up without any arduous exercise. 
  • Splash around: Animals are drawn to natural freshwater, especially on hot days. Take your horse to a river or pond and let them splash around. They'll have fun, get some exercise and cool off a bit. 
  • Walk and graze: Spring weather can be perfect for a stroll. Let your horse sniff around and graze as you take gently paced walks together. Be careful of wet, slippery ground — try to avoid hazardous conditions that might result in injury. 
  • Do your spring cleaning: Take this time to deep clean your stables and grounds, preparing for the upcoming summer. Clear away any dirt and debris that was hiding under the snow. You'll thank yourself when summer comes around! 

Horse-Related Activities in Summer 

When the weather is hot, the best horse-riding time is the evening. Temperatures are cooler, and humidity is at its lowest. Heat and high humidity can dehydrate a horse, so you'll want to be careful in the summer. Keep an eye on the air temperature and relative humidity to make sure conditions are safe. In the right circumstances, try these summertime activities: 

  • Build an obstacle course: A simple obstacle course has many benefits. It provides mental stimulation for your horse, feeding their natural curiosity. It also helps your horse get used to unusual objects, reducing their fear of the unknown. 
  • Let your horse get creative: As a fun change of pace, you can offer your horse a paintbrush and a canvas. You'll end up with some truly unique keepsakes and have a much-needed break from more strenuous activities. 
  • Add some edible toys: New toys provide a cure for boredom. A toy that dispenses snacks offers the perfect reward. Enrich your horse's summertime activities by introducing some edible toys. 
  • Use a hula hoop: Lay a hula hoop on the ground and practice leading your horse's front or back feet into it. This can help you improve your guiding precision. 

Horse-Related Activities in Fall 

Cooler fall days offer comfortable, safe temperatures for your horse. It's an ideal time for outdoor pursuits. The fall also comes with some fun, unique activities you can try. You and your horse could: 

  • Check out the foliage: The best part of fall is the beautiful color-changing leaves. Take your horse through a wooded trail and enjoy the scenery together. 
  • Head to the shore: The fall is the off-season for most beaches, which means it's the perfect time to take your horse for a stroll. If you have a beach nearby, enjoy some ocean spray this fall. 
  • Take some pictures: An autumn landscape can make for a photogenic backdrop. A photoshoot gives you an excuse to spend a few extra moments grooming your horse, and you'll end up with some stunning photos. 
  • Join a Halloween-themed show: Have some fun by creating a costume and joining a Halloween-themed show. It's a perfect opportunity to get artistic and do something special with your horse. 

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