About Fitting horse Bits

by Jordan Manfredi
Often over looked when fitting your horse with a bit is the tongue. This is particularly true when fitting a curb bit. There are horses with large fleshy tongues. They may seem too large for the mouth. On the other hand there are horses with very thin tongues. Large fleshy tongue sometimes overlap the bars serving to protect that area. Unfortunately thin tongues give little or no protection. So which bit will serve your horse best. Most of the time a large tongue will take pressure so you can use an average size port. The tongue will fit up into the port relieving pressure on the bars. A thin tongue calls for a straighter bit. Something like a Mullen Mouth bit. Have you seen a horse put his tongue over the bit? This, in many cases is caused by too much pressure on the tongue so the horse will move the tongue over the bit to relieve the pressure. It is prudent to pay attention to the tongue when choosing the correct bit for your horse. You will have a happier horse and you will have a better experience with your riding sessions.

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