A Day in the Life..."Wellington- Here We Come!"

by Jordan Manfredi
Our youngest ambassador and pony jumper champion, 11- yr old. Prima Rose Bonaventura has been invited to Wellington, FL to ride in the Winter Equestrian Games and will be giving us an inside look into what's going on- what it's like, who she's riding, how warm it is and what it's like to be riding with some of the best trainers/riders in the country! Prima Rose Bonaventura:10268449_1435094850115064_466723423683934344_n "I feel like I am in a dream. Horses,Ponies,Horses,Ponies. I never want to go home. Today was my first lesson with Nona Garson on the horse I am leasing. What a good boy he was. He was way different than my pony Just One Look but so much fun. I had to get used to his stride and learn how to shorten his stride. I lessoned on the flat and jumping for over a hour and a half. This was my third time working with Nona Garson and I love her already. She is so patient and explains everything in terms that you can understand. After I was done with my lesson, I hacked another horse for Nona. I was so happy she had asked me. Being under the Florida sun looking at palm trees and riding gives you such a great feeling. Tomorrow morning I am scheduled again for another lesson I can't wait!!! After all my riding today, my grandparents and I headed to the show grounds to walked around and visited with some friends. I can't wait for tomorrow to see the show grounds in full swing and watch as many riders show as possible. I feel so lucky to have this opportunity thanks to my mom,dad,grandparents and Nona." <3 Prima photo 2 photo 1

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