"A Day in the Life.....Hard work pays off"

by Jordan Manfredi
Welcome to final post of our series, "A Day in the Life", where our youngest ambassador and pony jumper champion, 11- yr old. Prima Rose Bonaventura is at the Winter Equestrian Festival in Wellington, FL, giving us an inside look into what's going on-what it's like, who she's riding, how warm it is and how it feels to be riding with some of the best trainers/riders in the country!
Low Jumper champion Low Jumper champion
Prima Rose Bonaventura: "Hard work really does pay off! I was champion of my low jumpers division at The Ridge horse show this past weekend. I'm headed home this week, but will never forget my first Wellington experience. I hope to be back in mid March and am excited to share my next adventures with you! Till next time.....happy trails. <3 Prima"

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