"A Day in the Life......Dream Big and Work Harder"

by Jordan Manfredi
Welcome to Day 3 of our series, "A Day in the Life", where our youngest ambassador and pony jumper champion, 11- yr old. Prima Rose Bonaventura is at the Winter Equestrian Festival in Wellington, FL, giving us an inside look into what's going on-what it's like, who she's riding, how warm it is and how it feels to be riding with some of the best trainers/riders in the country! Prima Rose Bonaventura: "There is nothing like the FL sun. My day started out with another lesson with Nona. I am starting to get out of the fast pony jumper mindset and into more of the mindset of a Grand Prix rider by taking my time to the jumps and riding to the base. One of my challenges today was being able to focus on Nona and her instructions while having 8 other riders in the ring with me. This is something new for me. After my lesson we were off to the show grounds and I got to watch the Grand Prix- such great talent here. I hope one day to be able to show in this Grand Prix. Dream Big and Work Harder!!!"
Prima at the WEF Grand Prix Prima at the WEF Grand Prix

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