9 Barn LifeHacks You Need Right Now by Horse Nation

by Jordan Manfredi
You’ve seen the average-person lifehacks, but how about some genius tips for the horse person’s happiest place on earth?
  1. Keep a measuring tape near the arena marked with each horse's stride distances for easy pole/jump set up.
  2. Apply petroleum jelly inside sticky lids for easy opening.
  3. Use multi-colored duct-tape to claim your tack.
  4. Use a square cinder block to hold a hose at the bottom of your water trough as you fill it.
  5. Soak white show shirts in 1 part lemon juice to 10 parts water to get rid of sweat stains.
  6. Use fishing line or dental floss for sewing repairs; they are superior to thread in wet weather.
  7. Learn to use an awl for blanket, boot and leather repairs.
  8. Apply vet wrap to blanket racks to prevent slippage.
  9. Use an emery board to get stains and adhesives off of suede.

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