A Brief History on the Horse

by Jordan Manfredi

For those of you that adore riding your horse or wish you had one; we’ve provided this brief history on horse riding. At Horse Tack Co. we’ve been providing the best shopping experience for horse enthusiasts all around. With these great people in mind, we wanted to give some information on the background of horse riding.

First Domestication of Horses

There is no known date for when horses were domesticated and ridden for the first time. The best estimate is that horses were ridden approximately 4500 BC. Indirect evidence suggests that horses were ridden long before they were driven. Chariot burials about 2500 BC present the most direct hard evidence of horses used as working animals.

Importance of Horses in Human History around the World

Throughout human history, horses have played an important roll all over the globe. In warfare and in peaceful pursuits such as transportation, trade and agriculture. Horses lived in North America, but died out at the end of the Ice Age. Horses were brought back to North America by the Europeans, beginning with the second voyage of Columbus 1493. We hope you’ve enjoyed this brief history on horses. Be sure to contact us for any horse supplies you may be in the market for.

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