What to Buy For Your All of Your Favorite 4-Legged Friends This Holiday Season

What to Buy For Your All of Your Favorite 4-Legged Friends This Holiday Season

by Jordan Manfredi

Looking to spoil your 4-legged best friend for the holidays? Look no further than Horse Tack Co. We have everything you need to show your love and over indulge your bestie this holiday season. Use the promo code "LoveTheRide" to save 15% off your order, plus get even more value with our Holiday Gift Card promo that is going on until 12/20:

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We would be remiss if we didn't start off with toys & treats, like this Likit Boredom Buster. It will provide hours of mental stimulation for your horse. Simply hang from a beam and watch your horse as it spins and increases in challenge as they lick on.  

For your other 4-legged love there's this Jolly Pets Tug-N-Toss BallThe clever design has made this dog toy wildly popular for years. The ball features an iconic, integrated handle that provides endless ways to carry, play, fetch and tug this durable toy. Made from flexible material, the Tug-N-Toss is designed to be punctured without deflating. 


Uncle Jimmy's Hangin Ball Treat Apple is another boredom buster for your horse! They will spend hours trying to lick and grab this entertaining ball. Not only is it great tasting, but it is also packed with vitamins and minerals essential for your horse’s everyday needs.


Giddyap Girls Biscuits all natural horse treats are formulated by a leading equine nutritionist. Made from the finest ingredients apples, raisins, carrots, beet pulp, vitamins and minerals plus, there's no sugar or wheat. Made in the shape of a three leaf clover, which can snap apart. Your horse will love to work just to get his new treat!


How about some pampering? The Posture Prep Cross Fiber Groomer is an innovative horse groomer to help you maximize your pre-ride warm up. By improving your horse's posture, you can re-form his conformation and improve performance and longevity. With the purchase of your Posture Prep Groomer, you will receive a pocket-sized, illustrated booklet with basic concepts and techniques. A 6-month introductory membership, which includes progressive instructions through videos, articles and illustrations. This ergonomically designed groomer will transform the way you warm up your horse.


The Equomed Gel Pack Thermo Therapy Back Kit warms up the back and the muscles of your horse by specially designed gel pack and elastic bands. Especially suitable for, back strain, rehabilitation and warming up muscles. This can be used for moist and dry heat as needed so your horse will feel a lot better!



Pro Performance Hybrid Split Boot combines modern technology with traditional design that's ideal for everyday protection during exercise or turnout. The durable Pro Mesh outer layer is extremely strong yet flexible and the entire boot is ventilated, allowing for nonstop airflow, making it lightweight and breathable. The strike area is built into the boot for improved fit and enhanced comfort, they will not retain water, making them waterproof, and the naturally hypoallergenic inner foam lining resists mold and bacterial growth. They are perfect for all horses, including those with sensitive skin.

Horse Quencher is a treat for you and your horse! Keeping your horse hydrated is the best defense for beating illnesses, and the easiest way to make sure your horse can compete to their highest level, or enjoy a long ride safely, simply add Horse Quencher to the water and watch him drink up. It's a precise and proven blend of 100% healthy and natural grains and flavorings. Pick the flavor this just right for your horse, it comes in apple, butterscotch, peppermint and root beer.


For the ultimate spoiled 4-legged pals, you can't go wrong with Equiderma products. Equiderma Skin Lotion literally knocks out skin issues overnight. It smells great and works easily to combat most issues like, rain rot, scratches, insect bites, ring worm, etc. They even make a barn dog version. Their Neem shampoo is made from organic neem leaf and neem oil. It also contains Arnica, pine bark, basil, chamomile, and cherry bark for optimal cleansing with a long-lasting nourishing effect on the skin. Neem has been revered for thousands of years by Ayurvedic practitioners to support healthy skin. Regular use inhibits fungal and bacterial growth on coat, mane, and tail, it is soap-free, so it will not strip natural oils. Equiderma's For the Love of Dog's conditioner discourages fleas and ticks, smells amazing and promotes a shiny coat.

Our 4-legged pal's make our world a better place, Horse Tack Co. can help you show them your love and appreciation this holiday season! Don’t forget to use the code “LoveTheRide” to save 15% off your order and to take advantage of our Holiday Gift Card promo that is going on until 12/20. Happy shopping!

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